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"Frances is not only a brilliant pianist, with an ability to instinctively know how to respond to the ideas given to her, she is also the perfect team player." 

Dani Batchelor - Royal Opera House

"I absolutely love working with Frances. Her skill lies in being able to interpret my ideas instantly and perfectly, transforming them into musical form."

Annie Dunkley - Royal Opera House



I am a songwriter, creative dance pianist/accompanist and music educator. After a brief stint in Advertising I realised that my life would be a mistake if I didn’t follow my love of music. I completed a piano diploma (DipABRSM) and a music degree at the University of Southampton, specialising in composition. Happily, my work involves learning music, composing music and sharing music.

My skills as songwriter and pianist, and the ability to think creatively, have led me to the areas of work I am now in. Since 2011, I have created live piano music for educational workshops at the Royal Opera House. Sessions are based on beautiful ballet repertoire and I thoroughly enjoy being given a score with a free rein to interpret for the class. I love creating atmospheres with music and watching the profound impact music has in changing the mood of a room and engaging participants.

As an accompanist and singer I am well suited to working with choirs and musical theatre groups, and my heart is warmed by watching people sing together, especially those who haven’t had the privilege of doing so before. I am a big advocate for the Arts and feel community music can solve many of the problems in our society.

Songwriting is a constant in my life and fundamental to everything I do.  My life story has been told in song since teenagehood and this shows no sign of stopping! My latest album, released September 2023 'October December' is now available for streaming and CD . I was recently shortlisted for the Platinum Jubilee song competition, my song described by judges as 'heartmeltingly beautiful'. This year, I was commissioned to write a song for theatre company 'We are Hera'. You can listen to the photo opera here - my song is  'Cuttings'.

Knowing the transforming effect of music in my own life I am keen to inspire others. I have a private music teaching practice and offer piano/creative music lessons from my home in Kent.  


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